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A holistic wellbeing program built to support your team in decreasing stress, increasing joy and improving overall wellbeing.

When your team thrives - in and out of the office - so does your business.

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Intentionally curated programming + services specifically customized to the needs of your team. 

-Weekly "Be Well Bulletins" (wellness reminders)

-Monthly wellbeing resources and DIY challenge

-Quarterly Community Challenge or Lunch and Learn

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Dedicated support for your team in transforming their wellbeing, increasing their joy and improving overall performance.

-One on one live coaching sessions (not included in all packages)

-One on one and group chat coaching

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A space built to allow your team to learn, explore and connect in order to shift the culture of the business as a whole.

-Community chat channel

-Community wellbeing challenges


Part of  your team
Your program facilitator + coach will be integrated directly into your internal systems to streamline all communications and engagement efforts.

Supplemental Wellbeing app:
All team members have the option to download the Healthie app where they can track metrics, journal, set goals and track activity.


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Program participation helps your team:

  • Understand their stress + how to better deal with it

  • Increase their joy at work and in life 

  • Set and meet goals that support their overall wellbeing 

  • Feel empowered to transform their lives from the inside out

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Group Calls
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Happier, healthier team members helps you:

  • Decrease burnout, stress, absenteeism  and turnover 

  • Positively impact your bottom line

  • Invest in your mission by investing in your people 

  • Transform the culture of your business

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What the research says

"Nearly 70 percent of professionals feel their employers are not doing enough to prevent or alleviate burnout within their organization"


"When U.S. workers feel physically or mentally unwell, it affects many aspects of their work performance: 62% say it affects their ability to get work done; 63% say it affects their engagement at work; and 62% say it affects their motivation to do the job well."


"Research shows that coaching has positive effects on performance and skills, well-being, coping, work attitudes, and goal-directed self-regulation"


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