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What if you could deal with stress, anxiety and overwhelm in a way that truly nourished your soul?

What if that then lead to you living your life by design, instead of going through the motions?


Mindset + Mindfulness is the magic missing from your life.


Do you ever feel like worry, complacency and overthinking are in the driver's seat of your life?

Want to spend more time with ease, joy and presence? 

Think mindfulness and mindset are cool, but you're just not sure where to start? 

This is for you!

My approach to coaching is a little bit of soul, and a little bit of science.

Working together includes:

6 weeks of mindfulness education + the science that supports it

Aligned Action-Direct application of what you learn to your life 


Direct text + audio message access to me outside of sessions

Together, we'll work through 3 phases:

Awareness, Alignment  and Action.

I walk by your side as you raise your awareness around things in your life that both cause pain and bring you joy. I'll always hold space for your human experience along the way.

We work together to find out how you want your life to feel and explore what's getting in the way and how to apply your mindfulness tools to bring this vision to life. 

You continue your mindfulness practice and take the mindset shifts you've experienced so you can live a big life and have a bigger impact.

For a limited time, working with me 1:1 is $480 (for 6 weeks, with message access)

I don't have a sales pitch or sales call but I offer a free discovery call so we can see if we're a good fit and see if this is a good fit for you. 

The end goal is to make this whole being a human thing a little easier + more joyful. If that sounds good, schedule a call below. 

Mindset + Mindfulness Testimonials

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“I loved how easy it was to work with Megan. She is incredibly, patient, understanding, and unbiased. She also knew exactly what it was she was talking about which gave me an incredible sense of comfort."

-Sara A.