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Inspired Intentions + Aligned Action to help you get more out of life by building habits that support your whole human experience.

More Than Mindful Habits is a customized coaching container where we combine monthly coaching calls with habit support + accountability via a coaching app. 
This is not your typical habit building program. This is about dreaming + doing!
What we're not gonna do:
-Label your efforts as pass or fail 
-Utilize an all-or-nothing mentality
-Use shame as a motivation tactic 
-Assign pointless tasks with no meaning behind them 
What we ARE gonna do:
-Find intentions + action that set your soul on fire 
-Connect your efforts to a higher purpose
-Create space to explore, grow and expand
-Build a new reality you absolutely love  
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Does this sound like you?
😒You find typical habit building programs too rigid and restrictive
🍃You love self help and personal development, but struggle to put what you learn into action
🤯You have big dreams, but need some help in the get-shit-done department
❌You don't want to just check the box, you want to take aligned, meaningful action
✨You know there's more to life, but you don't know where to start to begin uncovering your more
Then you're in the right place 💜
What if...
​🌈You had space to explore, grow and evolve, while you put things into action
🤠You had someone along for the ride to talk through things and find new pathways
🙌You had help finding the right habits that support your whole humanity and set your soul on fire
🤗You could learn to be more mindful and start building your dream life

Not sure yet? Schedule a free discovery call (not a sales pitch) to learn more - click here to schedule.

Not sure where you'd even start with habits? Check out my version of the Balance Wheel assessment!

Being > Doing
Hi, I'm Megan! You should know that I love structure. BUT I also need room to listen to my soul speaking.  I like building habits like practicing joyful movement and meditation, but I also want to work on more nebulous things like practicing self compassion and pausing to be present. So that's why I created this container! I wanted a space to help folks build their dream life, their way.

I've helped countless clients improve their physical habits, like moving more and drinking more water but what about the habits that support and nourish our soul? How do we work on those and shift from doing-focused, to being-focused? This container is how.  
Here's what you get!
Two monthly coaching sessions
-One 20 minute check-in for added support and accountability

-One 30-45 minute coaching session to establish inspired intentions and aligned action and to work through any roadblocks that might come up.
TrueCoach app access where your intentions and action items will be.

Unlimited message access via TrueCoach so I can coach you all month long!
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