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Your joy is your magic.

Community + coaching to support you in prioritizing your joy and building a pathway to flourishing

You are not meant to stay stagnant, stuck and stressed.

You are not meant to grow alone. 

You are not meant to give without also receiving.

You are meant for so much more - and you know it in your bones.

✨You're meant to grow, learn and heal. 

✨You're meant to thrive. 

✨You're meant for more connection, ease and JOY.

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JCC Landing Page Background-white.png

A community space for you to explore self growth and take action to cultivate more joy, meaning and excitement in your life. 

Coaching: 1:1 and Community Chat 

You're not meant to go at this life alone. With coaching at your fingertips, you have the opportunity to connect and reach out for support whenever you need it or share your wins with your community along the way!

Weekly Check-In

Life happens and you may not be able to take advantage of all the resources as much as you might like but don't worry - you have a chance to check-in each week and reflect on what's feeling good for you and where you might want to focus in the week to come.

Wellbeing App + Platform

Everything is housed in an app for your convenience so no need to try and keep up with documents, messages and check-ins in multiple places. The app will help keep you organized so you can get the most out of your membership. You can also track metrics, set goals and journal right in the app too!

Monthly Community Call

Connection + community building are the backbone of the collective so we'll meet monthly and discuss a topic + take some time to connect with each other and support each other in whatever season of life you're in.

Monthly Resources 

Each month you'll receive a handout on a topic that supports your joy + growth, as well as a DIY challenge that supports your overall wellbeing. We'll cover a variety of topics and you'll have a chance to provide feedback and suggestions as we go!

More Than Mindful Habits

 (Adapted Version)

Inside the collective, you have a chance to participate in my habit building program where you'll decide on Inspired Intentions + Aligned Action and I'll set up your account for you to receive reminders so those elusive ideas you dream about become your everyday reality.

Quarterly Community Challenge

We'll foster a little friendly competition and give you an opportunity to practice what you learn in the collective and put it into action! Challenges will range from mindfulness activities to journaling and any other ideas the collective decides on.

Chance to receive a 1:1 coaching session  each month

Every time you fill out your weekly check-in form you'll be entered into a raffle to receive a free coaching session with me! Every check-in counts as one entry so your chances are pretty good to get some extra coaching and support.

The Joy Compass Collective is for folks who...

Feel like there's gotta be more to life than just getting by: You feel mostly content with life but have a nabbing feeling in your gut that there's more out there for you and you're ready to go find it.

Dig self help + personal growth but struggle with the action part: You get DOWN with self help books and IG accounts that inspire you to do inner work to change your outer world but you struggle to get from dream stage to action stage.

Feel like balance + self care are on the back burner but something's gotta give: You know you're stressed and teetering on the edge of burnout but you struggle in staying consistent in putting yourself, your joy and your wellbeing on your to-do list, let alone at the top of the list.


Desire more clarity + purpose: You want to explore what it means to you to thrive but aren't sure where to start.

Are in search of community + connection: You want to connect with others on this path and build joyful relationships that fill your soul.

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$33 / month
3 month minimum commitment then cancel at any time!

Email Me Here

Not sure this is right for you?
Schedule a free discovery call - I'll give you more information and help you see if this is a good fit (this is NOT a sales call)

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